In Case You Were Wondering, I Haven’t Forgotten About You

I bet you thought I forgot about you, huh? No such luck. This last week of school before Spring Break has been a doozy. I haven’t had any time to put anything together yet, but I wanted to let you, my adoring fan, know that you have not been forgotten. This site is still under construction (I’m still tweaking it and playing with ideas), but if you’re bored and just dying for something to read, you should check out my other blog, Brilliantly Novel, or one of my friends listed on the side over there. I’m sure you’ll find at least one of us entertaining.


Enter at Your Own Risk

Hi! Welcome to my world!

No one warned me that blogging was addictive. I started a book blog a few months ago and I am completely hooked. I am so hooked that, as you can see, I have started another blog. You may find yourself wondering, “If you already have one blog, why on Earth do you need another one?” My answer: I may have started a book blog, but I have so many other ideas floating around in my head that it kind of gets crowded sometimes. I figure it may help to let a few of them escape occasionally.

What you can expect to find here: Anything that happens to be floating around upstairs.

Topics can include, but are not limited to: Quotes, music, movies, books, horses, cooking, recipes, school, observations, rants, questions, videos, and anything else that is begging to be released from the chaos that is my brain. There is no telling what I may come up with; That’s the brilliance of being random. Just remember, you’ve been warned 😉